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The electrical industry is structured in such a way that not every distributor company has access to every electrical manufacturer. These franchise restrictions provide unique challenges within the MRO commodity supply market.

In addition, every customer production facility has a need for multiple product lines in order to maintain the efficiency of production output that they have worked hard to accomplish. Therein lies the dilemma for procurement managers.

VANTAGE is in a unique position as it relates to product availability. Our network has access to every electrical manufacturer within the industry. While we still operate within the parameters set forth by the manufacturers, our process minimizes the gaps that occur in most commodity management solutions.

VANTAGE GROUP offers flexible solutions for many of your operational needs including:

  • Specialized implementation programs
  • Multiple order placement options, including Punch-out and EDI
  • Invoicing (EDI, e-mail, paper or fax)
  • Inventory Management Programs
  • Customized deliveries
  • Energy Solutions
  • Engineering Services
  • Single point of contact
  • Cost Saving programs


One of the most important aspects of any national agreement is getting the parameters of that agreement implemented at each customer facility. Realizing the benefits locally is the goal of most procurement departments, however the process of bringing plants “online” varies greatly and is determined by many factors.

VANTAGE has long recognized that one size certainly does not “fit all.” We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to implement your facilities at your pace. We have successfully completed our roll out process in a multitude of ways. From a complete system wide “go-live” date to a very specific and selective roll out plan, VANTAGE is able to meet the requirements of your plants, people and your abilities. We look forward to discussing the most effective way to help your team meet their cost savings goals.