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About Us

What We Do

Data is the key to the kingdom when it comes to saving money in the electrical category. It all starts with identifying products, manufacturers, and the inventory that your company uses to complete its process. Our team uses a combination of your system data and physical inventories to create the baseline for your future master item file. That first step allows us to identify the many duplicates that are driving up your inventory value and clogging your storeroom shelves.

As that process unfolds, we will be connecting your plants to our proprietary system to begin consolidating your transactions, further allowing us to deliver significant savings. The benefits of our system are unmatched and our process is designed to integrate seamlessly with your ERP system, or third-party provider.
Your consolidated and clean data allows us to work with the top manufacturers in our space to lower your costs.  Whether you need fittings, cable, PLC’s or any other electrical product, you now have the knowledge necessary to determine the best path forward.  After engaging with VANTAGE, you will be operating as a single entity, and not a fragmented group of procurement departments.


We want you as a customer long term. Relationships matter to us and providing your company with long term value is the only way to establish them. We utilize open and honest discussions to align our offering with your goals. If we feel there is a disconnect, or if we cannot provide you with the solution you’re looking for, you’ll know it. Up front. Successful agreements are driven by partnerships, and long term success equates to sustained savings.

Over the course of our existence we have focused on continuous improvements throughout our organization. We have put in place processes and procedures to ensure clean data, accurate pricing, detailed implementation plans, top notch customer service, a single point for order placement and accurate invoicing. This focus has allowed us to become best in class in our industry.

 Our Network

Our distributor group holds significant positions within our industry in both the number of locations and annual revenue. In fact, our ownership all rank in the top 15 largest electrical distributors in the country. Their collective inventory value is unmatched and provides a significant value add to our agreements.

In addition to our owners, VANTAGE also has relationships with a number of independent distributors. In situations where a significant distance prevents us from effectively servicing your plant or a manufacturer alignment issue exists, VANTAGE has the ability to approach a distributor of your choice to complete the network.

 Corporate Structure

As a cost center, we are focused on keeping internal costs low and our organization lean. VANTAGE GROUP® operates with minimal hierarchy.

A core management team directs all company operations and everyone works to improve the offering we provide to our customers. While acting as your single point of contact, you will receive the benefit of our vast network of electrical distributors. The experience and expertise that they provide is the cornerstone of the service levels you’ll receive with VANTAGE.