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Transactional Efficiency

VANTAGE is a true single transactional point of contact. We accept purchase orders directly from your system electronically and handle all the routing of the material to the appropriate distributor in your market area. Your buyers are free to work on more strategic tasks while the system you’ve spent millions of dollars implementing operates as it should, ordering catalog MRO material through your chosen provider.

Routing of customer POs:

  • By manufacturer line
  • By distributor
  • Or per request: as noted on the customer Purchase Order

Tracking, Expedites and Open Order Reporting:

Knowing the status of your material is a key component for your plants. Whether reporting to Shared Services or directly to the plant location needing the material, VANTAGE provides the data necessary to understand the delivery timeline.

  • Status updates of purchase orders or line items on a purchase order
  • Open order reports
  • Providing proof of delivery’s from the servicing distributors

Distributor and VANTAGE Customer Interaction:

VANTAGE becomes the liaison between your electrical material needs and the vast network of distributors needed to support those requirements. The nature of MRO purchasing requires significant resources, and the VANTAGE network holds close to a billion dollars in stocked inventory that can and will be tailored to your specific needs.

Sourcing Division

VANTAGE has the ability to price and supply Tier 2 products for our customers. The electrical MRO category requires a wide variety of products to service our customers and VANTAGE makes procuring those items easy. As an additional value, VANTAGE can search out Vendors and supply chain solutions that help consolidate needed products on a single purchase order. Those items can be added to the PO that flows through the VANTAGE system, again freeing up time for the buyers to focus their efforts elsewhere. Even if these items don’t fall under the standard Electrical MRO category, VANTAGE can assist in the procurement of these necessary, but hard to find products. Examples of the manufacturers that may fall into this category are: Dwyer; Parker; Salzar & Vishay

  • Saving customers time and money by being able to single source MRO materials
  • Provides vendor consolidation
  • Cost savings for customers, reducing the time and resources spent procuring this material


VANTAGE GROUP® provides customers with one contact for all their accounting needs. Whether the customer sends the PO’s directly to the distributors or they route the PO’s through Vantage Group, we allow them to have one point of contact vs. multiple distributor contacts. Once the distributor ships the material they will invoice VANTAGE GROUP via EDI and we in turn then invoice the customer after running various processes to ensure accuracy. The customer receives an invoice from VANTAGE which then provides them with just one remit to address for payments. The convenience of using VANTAGE for your accounting needs is that single point of contact. Many customers use several distributors and by utilizing our model, we are able to cut out several of those steps which in turn delivers cost savings.

  • Customer specific accounting representatives
  • Liaison between customers and distributors
  • Oversee all accounting functions
  • Specific end-of-month processing as requested by the customer
  • Update accounts when necessary with correct bill to, contact, and tax exempt information
  • Resolve all disputes and/or questions received from customers


After years of cost reduction initiatives, companies are finding it more difficult to lower the acquisition price of their MRO materials. Industry, in general, is changing their focus to the very expensive process of material transactions. Allowing their internal systems to handle the bulk of repetitive purchases is a logical next step in the advancement of National Agreements.

VANTAGE GROUP® is uniquely qualified to take your company to the next level. The data integrity necessary to implement an e-commerce strategy is the backbone of our organization. Our goal is to free up time for your buyers so that they can focus their efforts on more strategic areas of procurement. Isn’t it time that your system works for you?