Customizable Transactional Processing System Enhances National Account Support with Tailored Features

VANTAGE’s transactional processing system is proprietary and has been developed from the ground up for the specific purpose of supporting national account customers. This allows us to customize the system to support the specific needs of your organization. Some examples of which are:

  • National Price Maintenance
  • Flexible billing options
  • Support for Custom Tax situations
  • e-Commerce Integration (See e-Commerce)
  • Custom workflow processes to ensure the Invoice Matches the PO Exactly (See PO Match)
  • Data is consolidated from all locations to provide total account reporting (See Reporting)

Data Management is a key aspect of the VANTAGE system. We maintain a catalog of over 4 million electrical parts and we use that information to clean and identify your material. Your past purchases and internal data, along with our enhancements, become the basis for all catalog content. (See Scrubbing below). Once that process is complete, we load the data into the VANTAGE, local distributor, and customer systems to ensure that everyone is working off the same item master. This significantly reduces errors for all parties. Additionally, your purchases are captured and categorized to be used in specific customer reporting and manufacturer negotiations.

Typical market basket data from historic customer purchases may look something like this…

Inputting this data into our proprietary in-house scrubber program, we cleanse, analyze and identify each item to a unique UPC code. That industry standard code allows us to provide the correct part numbers, descriptions, and (if available) deviated pricing.

Combining customer data with our results allows for a seamless customer e-commerce experience.

Data Integrity allows for the following:

  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Electronic transactions
  • SKU reduction
  • Manufacturer negotiations
  • Streamlined reporting

Our pricing team will then negotiate with our key manufacturers to improve the item’s price based on specific customer volume.