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Process Integration

VANTAGE Electrical Group provides a process integration platform that will quickly and reliably integrate your data, automating and optimizing business processes both within the organization and across supply chains.

At VANTAGE GROUP®, we understand that every customer has different requirements when it comes to how invoicing should be submitted. Careful attention is put into reviewing the invoices to insure that you receive an accurate invoice to insure swift processing with minimal exceptions.

For this reason we have dedicated personnel who follow specific instructions and guidelines for each of our customers as they process our daily invoicing. Questions regarding pricing, unit of measure and quantities shipped are resolved ahead of time, which results in time savings for our customers. Our billing department collaborates very closely with our accounts receivable department to review any invoices, which may be erroneous, and corrections are made before the invoice is released.


  • Experience with direct integration to popular ERP systems
  • Currently integrated with various third party e-Commerce options
  • Support for integration via EDI or XML
  • Support for Punch-out and Static Customer Catalogs
  • Electronic Single Order Point (eSOP)
  • Support for PO Acknowledgements
  • Our vast product database includes over four million parts, with attributed information and noun-modifier formatting, allowing for easy search and ordering functionality
  • Custom workflow processes to ensure the Invoice Matches the PO Exactly (PO Match)