Our Story

At VANTAGE Electrical Group, we recognize that data is pivotal in optimizing your electrical procurement and achieving cost savings. Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your system data and physical inventories to establish a comprehensive master item file. This foundational step helps us identify and eliminate duplicate items that inflate inventory costs and clutter storage spaces.

As we progress, we connect your facilities to our proprietary system, streamlining and consolidating your transactions. This integration delivers unmatched savings and seamlessly integrates with your ERP system or third-party provider.

Our refined data enables us to collaborate with top manufacturers, reducing costs for essential electrical products such as fittings, cables, and PLCs. By partnering with VANTAGE, your organization operates cohesively, transforming from fragmented procurement departments into a unified entity.

Long-term customer relationships are at the heart of our business. We believe in open, honest discussions to align our offerings with your goals. If we cannot meet your needs, we will communicate this transparently. We value partnerships that foster long-term success and sustained savings.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our processes and procedures, ensuring clean data, accurate pricing, detailed implementation plans, exceptional customer service, a single point for order placement, and precise invoicing. This dedication has positioned us as an industry leader.

Our distributor network boasts significant industry positions, with top-ranking ownership among the largest electrical distributors in the country. Their collective inventory value enhances our agreements, providing substantial value to our customers.

In addition to our owners, VANTAGE maintains relationships with numerous independent distributors. This flexibility allows us to approach a distributor of your choice when distance or manufacturer alignment issues arise, ensuring effective service for your plant.

As a cost center, we prioritize maintaining low internal costs and a lean organizational structure. VANTAGE Electrical Group operates with minimal hierarchy, directed by a core management team focused on enhancing our customer offerings. Acting as your single point of contact, we leverage our vast network of electrical distributors to provide unparalleled expertise and service levels.