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The electrical category is generally the most difficult commodity to source. Hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products make consolidation a significant challenge. To add to the complexity, many manufacturers have strict franchise restrictions that limit the availability of the products.

The VANTAGE Sourcing department has the ability to price and supply many of the odd or infrequently used products to our customers.  These materials account for a lot of time spent by your buyers who try to locate and source them for their facilities. Once identified, priced and added to the master file, these hard to find products no longer cause delays to your operations.

Those items can be added to a single PO, which flows through the VANTAGE system, again freeing up time for your buyers to focus their efforts elsewhere. Even if these items do not fall under the standard Electrical MRO category, VANTAGE can assist in the procurement of these necessary, but non-standard products. An example of the manufacturers that may fall into this category are: Dwyer; Parker; Salzar & Vishay.

  • Save time and money through single source Purchase Orders              
  • Boost consolidation efforts                                                                                        
  • Scale the solution by solving the problem once
  • Realize cost savings
  • Reduce the time and resources spent sourcing this type of material