Sourcing with Vantage Electrical Group

The electrical category is one of the most challenging commodities to source due to its complexity and the vast array of manufacturers and products. With hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products, consolidation is a significant challenge, further complicated by strict franchise restrictions that limit product availability.

At VANTAGE Electrical Group, our Sourcing department excels in overcoming these obstacles. We specialize in pricing and supplying the odd or infrequently used products that often consume substantial time for your buyers to locate. Once these hard-to-find items are identified, priced, and added to our master file, they cease to be a source of delay for your operations.

These items can be conveniently added to a single purchase order, processed through our VANTAGE system, thus freeing up your buyers to focus on other critical tasks. Whether or not these products fall under the standard Electrical MRO category, VANTAGE can assist in their procurement. Manufacturers that may fall into this category include Dwyer, Parker, Salzar, and Vishay.

By partnering with VANTAGE Electrical Group, you can save time and money through single-source purchase orders, boost consolidation efforts, scale solutions effectively, realize cost savings, and reduce the time and resources spent on sourcing materials. Our commitment to expanding your market reach, ensuring quick payments, and providing comprehensive backend support ensures that your procurement processes are streamlined and efficient.

We facilitate seamless transactions through advanced integration with systems like Ariba, and our national and local synchronization ensures your interests are represented at all levels. Our consolidated vendor management system reduces administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. With VANTAGE, you benefit from proactive inventory and risk management, real-time reporting, and decision support that enhances visibility and control over your procurement activities.

Experience the VANTAGE difference by joining us today. Let us streamline your procurement process, reduce costs, and provide comprehensive, real-time data to support your strategic decisions. Contact us to discover how our sourcing solutions can transform your operations and contribute to your success.